Academy National Tours apologizes for our inability to offer prompt customer service at this time. As you might expect, our phone lines and in-boxes are experiencing an unprecedented level of inquiries regarding the corona-virus situation. We are currently working to expand our customer service team as we navigate through and support the other parts of our business that are essential to all of you during this challenging time. Please know that we are doing everything we can to provide the best service possible under these unprecedented circumstances. We appreciate your patience.  
Because our work is highly customized to each group, we are doing our best to communicate with each group leader, teacher or school associated with each program on high-level decisions. If your questions are related to a group decision, we recommend waiting to hear from your Program Leader, who will work with our team to confirm and share with you updated information. 
Thank you for being patient during this time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will I receive my refund? If applicable, Refunds in the form of Academy National Tours Company business checks will be processed within the next 3-6 weeks.

How much will my refund be? Refunds will be based on the Terms and Conditions of the Group Contract.

Why are you holding the Non-Refundable Deposits? Academy National Tours provides a service to coordinate and operate group travel services well in advance of the tour dates. In operating this service, there are numerous personnel hours and other costs of doing business in planning your tour months in advance to provide the most excellent educational tour for the best group rates. As such, Academy National Tours will be retaining the non-refundable deposits pursuant to the terms of the Terms and Conditions of the Group Contract.

CONDITIONS: CoKell Corporation dba, Academy National Tours, their representatives, and agents act only as intermediaries between tour program participants and transportation companies, hotels, and other public service organizations and disclaim any liability for delays, losses, or accidents incurred by said persons or operators to either passengers or baggage from whatever cause. Furthermore, Academy National Tours reserves the right to withdraw the excursions, or any part of it, to make altercations and/or travel date changes in the itinerary which, to them seem necessary, or to substitute services of comparable value, to refuse to accept or retain as a member of the group any person at any time, and to pass on to our members any expenditures occasioned by events beyond their control. Any portion of the planned itinerary missed is non-refundable. Academy National Tours and CoKell Corporation is not to be held responsible for any act, omission, or event during the time passengers are aboard an aircraft, motor coach, or train. The passage contract in use by the airline, bus or train company shall constitute the sole contract between those companies and the purchasers of these tours and/or passengers. In common with other companies, Academy National Tours & CoKell Corporation their representatives, and agents act only as intermediaries.

FEES/CHARGES: Late registrations after due dates will incur a late registration fee of fifty dollars ($50). All payments received five (5) days after due date will incur a twenty-five dollar ($25) late fee. Name changes after ticketing will incur a One Hundred Dollar ($100) fee in addition to any charges that may be assessed by the airline, and must be done no later than (21) days prior to tour date. Deviations from the scheduled itinerary are only permitted with school approval only by purchasing the “land-only” option of the tour for an additional fee of $50 per west coast tour and $100 per east coast tour, please contact Academy National Tours to obtain the price of the tour without airfare—”Land Only”. All participants deviating with the “land-only” option are solely responsible for meeting group at tour arrival and/or departure locations. No other deviations are permitted – including separate Hotel stays or ground transportation without prior consent of Academy and School or group leader and may be required to sign a RELEASE OF LIABILITY FORM to participate.

SURCHARGES: Unforeseen vendor surcharges (i.e. fuel or baggage) will be forwarded to participant for payment prior to trip departure or at location of incurred expense.

CANCELLATIONS: Tour Deposits/Registration Fees—Non-refundable the initial Tour Deposit is non-refundable in the event of cancellation and is non-transferable. The Tour Deposits and Registration Fees may, at sometimes be reduced to allow for more monthly payments. If a fee is lowered after the initial tour offering has occurred, the original deposit amount will remain the Non-Refundable amount.

Cancellations within 45 days of departure incur an additional fee equal to one and one-half times (1-1/2) the amount of this deposit. Additional trip expenses (on behalf of the organization or individual shown above) incurred prior to notice of cancellation or illnesses are non-refundable. The same policy applies to participants cancelled by Academy National Tours for non-payment, or cancellations due to school expulsions. Academy National Tours may cancel any participant who does not maintain sufficient account funds for required pre-tour expenses or those who are not fully paid 15 days after the final payment is due. All receipts are non-transferable, except at the discretion of Academy National Tours. Tour updates, changes and information are provided through the contracted School and through Academy National Tours. Academy National Tours is not responsible for tour information not received. Travel Insurance Protection and Cancellation Plans are offered and available. Call our office for more information.